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POP CFC Issue: Some times have to wait between operations

Name: Some times have to wait between operations
ID: 6
Project: POP CFC
Type: Enhancement
Area: Documentation
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Tom Chiverton
Created: 02/06/13 5:12 AM
Updated: 07/24/13 5:19 AM
Description: Might be worth mentioning that sometimes, with some POP servers, the server may still be running clean up on the account after a QUIT and socket close, so an immediate attempt to connect for the next operation fails because the account is locked.

For instance, I had to add a sleep(5*1000) after GetRawMessageByUID(200 UID array) before deleteMessagesByUID(something less that 200 UID array).
History: Created by TomChiverton (Tom Chiverton) : 02/06/13 5:12 AM

Updated by newmediadev (Paul Vernon) : 02/09/13 5:25 PM
This is a server issue that may or may not be present for all users. I suspect also that the issue may be down to the way in which your fix to GetRawMessageByUID did not include the final socket.read() so the server was left with data on the socket when the POPCFC disconnects. I'd be interested to see if this is fixed by the addition of the GetRawMessageByUID "QUIT" and socket.read() commands.

Updated by newmediadev (Paul Vernon) : 07/24/13 5:19 AM
Closing this as the problem should have been fixed by the addition of the correct socket closing process.

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